Kickin it with Kagan: Jan 5, with Caveman Diet Expert Zach Finer

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Israel Sports RadioNew Year’s Resolutions are always tough. They’re a chance to make a commitment to better yourself spiritually and physically. I have seen many people take this opportunity and vastly improve their lives and relationships, and I respect anyone who sets a resolution and makes the effort to stick with it. Obviously, no one is perfect and we all fall off, but those who find a way to climb back to the path they have chosen after being derailed deserves to be acknowledged.

Especially in today’s world, New Year’s resolutions revolve around weight loss. Either people sign up at the gym, or they put themselves on a diet, or both. Zack Finer explained the benefits of the Paleo-Caveman diet when I interviewed him this week. I did the Paleo challenge myself for 40 days and I can tell you it is certainly a lifestyle change. If you want to learn more about it check out the playback of “Kickin it with Kagan” on

Competition Ready Part 1: The Decision to Compete

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This is part one of a three part series covering some of the experiences Jordana was kind enough to share in her quest to become competition ready for her first competition – ever. This first installment will give you insight to the spark that started her on this journey…

Jordana working the kettlebell

Jordana making it look easy

“You will compete in Kettlebell competition. It’s in August. You are strong. You will lift.” These were the instructions that I received from Alex, an enormous Russian tank of a man, and kettlebell competitor. I stared at him, incredulous. I had never competed before, but inside I was glowing with pride. I knew that I was strong. I knew that I wanted to prove myself and I needed a professional to validate that ambition.

I have always been competitive, sometimes to a fault, but my drive was limited to beating my personal bests. I had never competed against others in anything official. What mattered was that I was reaching my goals and progressing to higher achievements. Attaining the next level of strength, speed and athleticism was my drug of choice.
…more of Competition Ready Part 1: The Decision to Compete

Articles section is now live

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