Kickin it with Kagan: Jan, 19 with Mark Gindick

Posted on by Jordana Kagan
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Big Apple Circus

Mark Gindick adding to the fun of the Big Apple Circus

Being an athlete is serious business. There is no room for clowning around in the gym or on the field. Athleticism can also be found outside of the game. A person doesn’t need competition to be considered an athlete. This week I spoke to Mark Gindick, a clown with The Big Apple Circus. His training regimen and his performance schedule are just as demanding as a professional athlete, but instead of playing the game, Mark just plays. His background in Martial Arts helped Mark master his body so that he can perform amazing feats of acrobatics, strength, and endurance. To hear his unconventional, yet inspiring story check out the playback of “Kickin It with Kagan” on