Kickin it with Kagan: Jan 12, Female Fertility

Posted on by Jordana Kagan
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Pregnant tummy

Being a competitive athlete doesn't mean you have to give up having a family

Competitive athletes are often willing to put their lives on hold so they can make it through the season. Although there are many benefits of hard training, there is a downside-particularly for women. The good old biological clock can hold out only so long, and female athletes must deal with the pressure of choosing between their careers and having a family before it’s too late to have one.

This week I interviewed Nancy Wolfson-Moche, a journalist and food educator. This inspirational woman, although not an athlete, was very active and didn’t give birth to her first daughter until she was 45. Her second daughter was born when she was 52. Her healthy lifestyle and food choices enabled conception at a later age than most. Nancy’s story gives hope to women who are still striving to meet their athletic goals and still hoping to have a family (after next season).

To listen to the interview simply go to and click “Kickin it with Kagan.”