Articles section is now live

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Quality reads at thatAfter some long hours and steady work I’m pleased to say that the Articles section of Athlete’s Mentality is officially up and running. Feel free to look around, like, share, tweet, and comment.

In order to use the like, share, and comment features of Athlete’s Mentality you only need to become a fan of the Athlete’s Mentality Fan Page and use one of the sign in links throughout the site. No email is required to comment and Athlete’s Mentality doesn’t ask or store your email – a couple clicks and a nod from Facebook saying you’re allowed is all it takes.

Steps to get interacting:

  1. Athlete's Mentality Facebook fan page Like the Athlete’s Mentality fan page
  2. Allow communication to Facebook using one of the sign in links below
  3. Like, comment, and share